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Creative Work Spaces for Entrepreneurs

Mission Statement

The Geode on SE Division Street lends itself to attracting a significant new market segment in Portland; the young entrepreneur.  It is a perfect location for small, emerging companies that are innovative, technical, creative, emerging and hip.  


We offer a unique mix of benefits:

• This is a close-in, exciting, newly developing Portland neighborhood.

• This section of Division has become nationally known for its great dining and drinking      establishments.  

• It is within the City’s newly formed Innovation Quadrant. It has great access to public  transportation, including the new Orange line, the Tillicum Crossing, OMSI, and major biking  routes.

• The facility is centered in a neighborhood that has many young, independent business  people living nearby. By making commercial spaces available to this largely residential  region we are reducing traffic in our increasingly congested City.

• There are interior and exterior bike parking areas.

• There are men’s and women’s shower facilities.

• The facility is designed to encourage creative intermixing between tenants and to act as a  creative hub in this section of Portland.  

• The building has a common conference area to help facilitate this.

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