The Geode:

A creative space for innovators, inventors and small business entrepreneurs.

What's the Geode?

After watching Portland's Pearl District become more and more gentrified around him at his former gallery and studio space, local sculptor, Marty Eichinger, sought a less glossy, more down to earth community.  He wanted to be where artists were still active.  At that time, SE Division was still a bit rough around the edges.  When he bought the building at 2516 over ten years ago, he never considered tearing it down, as is so often done in Portland.  He liked "the old lady," in his words.  Marty envisioned a long-term studio, gallery and residence for himself there.

With construction in in final stages. The Geode as a nest for creative entrepreneur will achieve Marty's desire to be among an active, dynamic community of high-level creatives, innovators, thinkers, inventors and small business entrepreneurs.

With many building development projects in Portland, parking becomes an issue for the residents of the neighborhood.  As the Geode will offer creative space for primarily daytime use, rather than residential space, so that overnight parking will not be an issue for the neighbors with whom he has valued relationships.  Marty's own apartment within the building will to be the Geode's only residential unit.

Marty plans to open the doors to his classical, romantic sculpture gallery, as well as offering studio tours, which will finally allow the community to see what's been going on behind these walls for the past decade.

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